PowerPlugs: Video Backgrounds

Now for something totally awesome
text over video in Microsoft PowerPoint!
  Video Background Preview
(Please wait a moment for the video movie to download. If the movie does not play, click here for troubleshooting tips.)


About this video background:
• What you see above is a low-resolution, reduced frame-rate preview video.
• The actual video offered by CrystalGraphics is crystal clear at a video resolution of 800x600, 30 frames per sec.
• It is encoded to support a variable data rate playback that dynamically adapts to your PC's capabilities.
• It is also designed so that its last frame matches its first frame, so it loops smoothly.

About the semi-transparent rectangle shown in the second slide (some of these videos may not have the semi transparent rectangle), in front of the video background:
• We call it a "backdrop" although it is really more of a filter or a screen.
• Backdrops like these enable you to control the visual impact of your background videos so they don't overwhelm your text.
• They are a user-selectable feature of the PowerPlugs: Video Backgrounds Player which allows you to select the shape, style, color and degree of transparency of your backdrops.