PowerPlugs: Music for PowerPoint Annual Subscription
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Breathe new life into your PowerPoint presentations - and your audiences - with the perfect music for every occasion!

You already know the right background music can set the mood in a movie, in a store, or at a party. Did you know music can do the same thing in a presentation? Not loud music with vocals that may distract the audience, but soft background music that will energize your audiences and make them feel your message. It will enrich presentations you deliver in person. It can make all the difference to self running presentations you email people or display on a website.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce the NEW PowerPlugs: Music for PowerPoint Annual Subscription. It is a musical treasure chest that includes thousands of professionally created background music clips organized into hundreds of titles in a variety of styles - all designed to enhance all of your presentations.

And, thanks to our easy-to-use PowerPlugs: Music Helper plugin that is included in the PowerPlugs: Music Subscription Combo, you can add upbeat auto-playing, auto-looping background music to a single slide or an entire PowerPoint presentation in just three clicks - in one dialog box - without any annoying speaker icons that must be clicked on to start the music during your presentations. To learn more about the PowerPlugs: Music for PowerPoint Helper plugin, please click here.

Features at a Glance
The PowerPlugs: Music for PowerPoint Annual Subscription includes 1000s of professionally created background music clips organized into 100s of titles.
Styles include jazz, rock, Caribbean, corporate, modern, traditional, country, and many more
All music clips are available in the popular and convenient WAV file format.
Subscribers can download up to 100 titles per year!

Recommended option: The easy-to-use PowerPlugs: Music for PowerPoint Helper plugin that enables you to add music to an entire presentation in just 3 clicks!

System Requirements
Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 to 2019
Windows operating systems: 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

Money back guarantee.
If for any reason you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase of the PowerPlugs: Music for PowerPoint Annual Subscription, within 30 days of your purchase you can simply mail us a signed document stating that you have deleted all your downloaded music in order to qualify for a full refund. So you have nothing to lose!

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presentations with background music!

(Select up to 100 Music titles per year!)
PowerPlugs: Music Helper plugin
(Includes the Helper plug-in only, no Music titles)
PowerPlugs: Music for PowerPoint Subscription Combo
(Includes both the Helper plugin and the Music Annual Subscription) SAVE ALMOST 20%