PowerPlugs: Video Backgrounds Annual Subscription


PowerPlugs - Winner of three
of the last four annual
Standing Ovation Awards for
"Best PowerPoint Plug-ins" and
"Best PowerPoint Templates"
from Presentations magazine.

Have you ever noticed the cool moving backgrounds that are used in many nationally broadcast TV news and sports programs? Wouldn't it capture your audiences' attention if you could use that same effect in your PowerPoint presentations? Well, if you go to other websites, including Microsoft.com, TheOfficeExperts.com, DigitalJuice.com, AnimationFactory.com and many other sites, they will all tell you variations of this conventional wisdom answer: "PowerPoint does not support text over video."

PowerPlugs: Video Backgrounds Annual Subscription entitles you to download up to 100 PowerPlugs background videos at any time during the year. And there are already almost 1,000 background videos to choose from with more on the way!
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PowerPlugs: Video Backgrounds Annual Subscription
(Includes up to 100 background videos)