PowerPlugs: Video Backgrounds
Preview Troubleshooting Tips
  If the preview movie does not play, try the following:

-- Use Internet Explorer browser.
    Internet Explorer browser contains the Windows Media Player, which will play the movie.
    Get Internet Explorer.

-- Install Windows Media Player if it is not installed on your PC.
    Windows Media Player is required to play the movie.
    Get Windows Media Player.

-- If you already have Windows Media Player, try refreshing the screen.
    Click on the refresh button in your browser, and see if the movie will play.

-- If that doesn't work, try clearing your browser's cache. Then refresh the page and see if movie will play.
    To clear the cache:
        Internet Explorer: Click on Tools -> Internet Options -> Delete Files.
        Firefox: Click on Tools -> Options -> Cache -> Clear Cache Now.
    After clearing the cache, click on the refresh button, and see if movie will play.

  Still having problems?

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