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Frequently Asked Questions

Type of web templates

1) What are HTML templates?
HTML templates are ready to use web design templates. All you need to do is just pick your choice from our HTML catalog and customize it to suite your needs. HTML templates works with just about any HTML editing software such as DreamWeaver, FrontPage, GoLive and more.

2) What are FrontPage templates?
FrontPage templates are built with FrontPage for FrontPage. Website created with FrontPage have the usual HTML pages, graphics files and othe web files, but also include important hidden files and folders that are used specially by Frontpage for added functionality. These extra files are referred to as FrontPage metadata.

3) What comes in a template package?
The PowerPlugs: Templates for Websites packages come with an InstallShield installer designed to install your template directly into the template file system. You will also receive the template files, theme, graphics, sample pages, and support. See the template's "details" page for more included features.

4) Can I add or remove pages in a template?
Yes, you can add or remove as many pages as you like. Templates typically include instructions for the best way to add or remove pages from that specific template.

5) How do I use a template?
Please see the PowerPlugs: Templates for Websites tech support FAQs page for an extensive list of installation and usage instructions.

6) Can I use a template for my business?
Yes, you can use any licensed PowerPlugs: Templates for Websites for your business site.

7) Can I build a site for a customer and sell the site to them?
Yes, you can sell a site which is based on a PowerPlugs: Web Template, to a customer.

8) a template removed from the store after I purchase it?

No, unless otherwise stated, all products remain in the catalog to allow other customers to purchase it.

9) Do I need to give copyright credit on my site?
No, unless otherwise stated, all templates remain in the catalog to allow other customers to license them.

10) Can I change colors of a template?
Yes, but PowerPlugs: Templates for Websites are generally designed with a color scheme that coordinates with the graphics that are used. The colors of template elements such as background, navigation buttons and graphics are typically not easily modified by the customer. If you want to make different color suggestions for the future, please email us at cgitech@crystalgraphics.com
Please note: Some templates are designed to have color schemes that are easily changed. This will usually be noted in the template information on the product details pages.

11) Are templates fully customizable?
Yes. But, in most cases, the templates come with pre-designed layouts, images, and theme components which are difficult for the average user to customize and modify. However, you may create more pages and add your own text and images in the content areas. Some templates do come with customizable pieces -- for example, some templates may come with Swish files for a Swish movie, customizable "blank" images for certain areas of the template, or allow you to change text within a Flash movie. Please see the individual product details pages to see what the products come with.

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