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Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro

Please note that these FAQs are for both Crystal 3D IMPACT! and Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro.

Download Problems

Installation and Start-Up Problems


If you're experiencing difficulties downloading Crystal 3D IMPACT!, please read the following before contacting us.

Factors that effect downloading of files from the Web:

A. Modem Equipment and Phone Line Connections

  1. Check that your modem is configured properly. Please make sure to turn off your modem idle time limit and check your modem settings.
  2. Disable your Call Waiting function so incoming calls won't interrupt your download.
  3. You may also want to contact your modem manufacturer or your telephone service provider if you believe there may be modem or line problems with your connection to the Internet/Web.

 B. Internet Service Provider

  1. Make sure your Dial-up Network configuration is correct and up-to-date.
  2. Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may have a slow connection to the Internet. There's nothing CrystalGraphics can do about this. Please try downloading at another time or perhaps try downloading at an off peak hour when your ISP isn't as busy.
  3. You may also want to contact your ISP if you believe there may be routing and/or connection problems to the Internet/Web.

 C. Server Problems

  1. Occasionally, the server may be "down" or very slow. This could be due to heavy traffic at our server, so, please try again at another time when traffic may not be as heavy. The busiest time at CrystalGraphics’ server is usually evening hours (around 5 PM - midnight Pacific Standard Time).
  2. If you are downloading the Crystal 3D IMPACT! software from a web site other than CrystalGraphics’ web site (i.e. an online store), there may server problems. Try downloading from CrystalGraphics’ web site.

 D. Other Possible Problems

  1. If you cannot download the software as one entire file, try downloading the program as a series of multiple files. Make sure the file name(s) and extension(s) of the downloaded file(s) match the name(s) listed at our web site.
  2. Make sure you have adequate hard disk space for the file(s) you are downloading. Crystal 3D IMPACT! v1.25 requires at least 8MB of available hard disk space – just for the download! (And, it requires even more once you run the setup program.)
  3. Make sure your Web browser is configured properly. You may want to contact the manufacturer of your web browser software for further assistance.

The list above is just an overview of some of the factors that effect a successful download, so, we recommend that you try more than once to download the software when you are not successful at it the first time around. However, if you continue having download problems after a few tries, please contact us and advise the following:

  • Which file did you download (the single or the multiple option)? If you selected the multiple option, which file gave you problems?
  • What is the exact error message?
  • What time (Pacific Standard Time) did you try to download the file (morning, afternoon or night)?
  • Did you download from or another web site?
  • Who manufactured your modem, what is its model and what is the modem speed?
  • Who is your ISP?
  • What browser are you using?

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Where can I find the downloaded file on my system?

When use a Web browser to go to CrystalGraphics’ web site and download the Crystal 3D IMPACT! software, typically the browser will prompt you for a location where you want to save the file(s), and it provides a default filename. To make sure you can locate downloaded files, specify the desired location and filename before downloading. We recommend that you create the following folder structure for file downloads c:\Downloads\3D IMPACT! Pro. Place each new download in a new folder in the downloads folder. This sets up your downloads into an orderly and neat system that's easy to find and remember.

If you are still unable to locate the Crystal 3D IMPACT! installer after you have downloaded it, try the following: 

  1. Use Windows Explorer to find the file, then move it to a convenient location for installation (i.e. a DOWNLOAD folder). Note: The file name for the single file download of Crystal 3D IMPACT! is 3DISETUP.EXE. The file name for the single file download of Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro is c3dipxxx.exe (the xxx is the version number)

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What should I do if I experience problems installing Crystal 3D IMPACT!?

  1. Make sure that your hardware and system software meet Crystal 3D IMPACT! system requirements. For instance, make sure there is adequate disk space available on your local hard drive (you should have a minimum of 50 MB).
  2. Close all other programs currently running while you install Crystal 3D IMPACT!. To start the installation process, double click on the Crystal 3D IMPACT! installer file (i.e. 3DISETUP.EXE) or go to the Windows Start menu and use the Run command (typing in the appropriate name of the Crystal 3D IMPACT! installer file).
  3. Run the installer on another computer that also meets the system requirements of Crystal 3D IMPACT!. If, after attempting to install the software on another machine, the installer generates errors or exhibits unexpected behavior, it is likely damaged, so download the file again. Before installing again (after re-downloading the file), be sure to delete any partially or fully installed copy of Crystal 3D IMPACT!.

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What should I do if Crystal 3D IMPACT! does not recognize the password entered?

  1. Make sure that the e-mail address that you entered into the registration dialog matches the one you used when you registered your Crystal 3D IMPACT! software.

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What should I do if Crystal 3D IMPACT! does not start?

  1. Make sure that your system has at least 16MB of RAM.
  2. Make sure you launch Crystal 3D IMPACT! using Windows 95 or Win NT 4.0 only; it does not run under Win NT 3.51, Win3.x or DEC Alpha.)

If you still are having problems installing and starting Crystal 3D IMPACT! , please contact technical support and advise the following:

  • Were you running any other programs while installing Crystal 3D IMPACT!?
  • What type of system do you have (CPU, operating system, RAM, video card, and hard drive space)? (Please note: some video cards with OpenGL support may require updated drivers.)
  • Has Crystal 3D IMPACT! or 3D IMPACT! Pro been installed on your machine before? If so, did you delete the previous copy’s files or install the software in a different folder from the original?
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