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Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro
Product Details
Create 3D Animations With A Few Clicks:
The easy-to-use wizard interface guides you through the 5 steps of lighting, text entry, beveling, assigning materials
and adding motion.
Step 1: Template
Step 2: Text
Step 3: Bevel
Step 4: Material
Step 5: Motion

 Select the mood

 Type your text

Choose from 120 bevels

Choose from 120 materials

Choose from 120 motions

Modeling Tools:  

Includes Over 145 Highly-Detailed Pre-Built Objects

Enhance your Web pages, videos and presentations with over 145 highly-detailed, pre-built 3D clipart objects, organized in a customizable object gallery. There are also templates for banners and plaques!

Imports and Converts 2D Artwork Into 3D

Easily create an outline of your 2D logo, using the automatic outline tool, so you can animate it in 3D. Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro is the only 3D program that allows you to convert your 2D artwork into 3D this easily.
Step 1: Image Step 2: Outline Step 3: Create!  

Easy-to-Use 3D Primitives Creation Tools

Create all the basic 2D and 3D primitive shapes using the easy-to-use creation tools. These 3D primitives may also be distorted, combined and grouped to make more complex shapes.

Freehand Spline Polygon Creation And Editing Tools

Create freeform polygons out of lines, arcs and splines using the easy-to-use polygon creation tool. You can also trim or cut holes out of other 2D objects. 

Powerful Lighting Tools

Create and manipulate lightbulbs, spotlights, sunlight and ambient lighting with powerful lighting tools. You'll have all the control you'll need to get the lighting effects you want. You can even animate your lights!
Get your highlights where you want them very easily! Simply click on any 3D object where you want a highlight to appear with the unique Move Highlight placement tool.

Rendering Tools:


Full Control Over Surface Attributes With The Object Properties Tool

Fully control a wide variety of professional-level rendering effects like: soft-edged shadows, object reflections, ray-traced refractions, bumpiness, shininess, transparency, sparkles, perspective, embossing and much more. No other 3D animation software can create great looking soft-edged drop shadows as easily as Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro!

Beautiful Sparkle Effects May Be Automatically Applied

Crystal 3D IMPACT! Pro can even add sparkles to your highlights automatically to really make your web pages shine. No other 3D software can do this either!

Animation Tools:

Output Support  

Output your 3D images and animations in your choice of formats, including: GIF, JPEG, PNG, TGA, TIFF, BMP and PCX.

And, you can easily preview and adjust your still or animated GIFs' visual quality and file size right within the program, making it a snap to minimize download times. No other 3D software can do that, either!


Now for even more details:

Modeling Tools:

  • Includes over 145 highly-detailed pre-build objects
  • Easy to use 3D text creation Wizard
  • Imports and converts 2D artwork into 3D
    • Imports Adobe Illustrator (AI) and Corel Draw (CDR) artwork
    • Uses TrueType and Postscript fonts.
  • Easy-to-Use 3D primitives creation tools
  • Freehand spline polygon creation and editing tools
  • Both custom and pre-defined extrusion and beveling tools
    • Bevels the front AND back faces of the text (Bevel Backside)
    • Bevels the fonts to apply different materials to the front, sides, and back of the 3D text (Apply Multiple Materials)
    • Set the depth and width of the beveled edge
  • 3D animated preview of your bevel and motion selections
  • Powerful lighting tools

Rendering Tools:

  • Includes 120 beautiful predefined materials
  • Real-time preview rendering
  • Extremely fast and high quality rendering
  • Supports both Gouraud and Phong shading, spectacular metallics, and top-quality anti-aliasing
  • Full control over surface attributes with the object properties tool
  • Mapping tools include texture, bump, reflection, transparency mapping
  • Maps and backgrounds may be animated
  • Object-to-object reflections
  • Ray-traced refractions for realistic glass effects
  • Soft-edged object-to-object shadows and drop shadows
  • Beautiful sparkle effects may be automatically applied
  • Same advanced CrystalGraphics renderer used to create numerous network television commercials and station IDs for McDonalds, Certs, Pacific Bell, HBO, ABC, CNN and many more

Animation Tools:

  • Includes 120 predefined animation paths
  • Motions may be assigned with a single click
  • Each path has several customizing options
  • Motion paths use smooth spline motion algorithms
  • Motions may be combined for endless combinations

Output Support:

  • Supported formats include: GIF, JPEG, PNG, AVI and more

System Requirements:

  • Windows 2000 Vista
  • 64 MB RAM
  • 80 MB disk space
  • full-color graphics display
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