PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX for Microsoft PowerPoint
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Focus your audience's attention on your key visuals with PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX!

PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX adds television-style still and animated effects to the photos in your presentations. And it does all this right inside Microsoft PowerPoint! This helps makes it incredibly easy to use, and lets you avoid the hassle of importing and exporting graphics files.

PhotoActive FX's stunning visual effects will focus your audience's attention on your key visuals - helping you to communicate more effectively. These pre-created effects are sold in a series of volumes. Volumes 1 & 2 are available now. More volumes will be available soon!

Check out these cool features:
PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX for Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations
Plugs in to PowerPoint 97 and 2000!
Only software that can animate photos with just 3 clicks!
Over 150 still and animated effects per volume!
Quick and easy to use!
Extremely affordable!

 More Details

PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX I:
Still Photo Effects include Coloring, Cookie Cutters, Edges, Frames, Fine Arts, Lights & Shadows, Rotations, Text, Texture Arts and Transformations.

Animated Photo Effects include full-image animated Effects, overlay Text animations, image Transitions In and Out.

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PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX II:
Still Photo Effects include Distortions, Edges, Fine Arts, Frames, Objects, Perspective, Text on Background, Text on Image, and Transformations.

Animated Photo Effects include Full Image Effects, Text Over Image, Text Transitions, Transitions In and Out.

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  System Requirements:

Pentium 166 running Windows 95/98/NT

PowerPoint 97 or 2000
32MB RAM (64 MB RAM recommended)
80 MB available disk space
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  Additional Information

If you have questions about PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX, we have answers on our technical support FAQs page.

You can also read about other products that work well with PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX and PowerPoint on the complementary products page.

  About PowerPlugs

PowerPlugs is the leading family of plug-in products that bring the power and excitement of television-style graphics and effects to Microsoft PowerPoint. Winner of the Presentations magazine's most recent "Standing Ovation" award, "Best PowerPoint Plug-ins"
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CrystalGraphics is a Silicon Valley-based developer of graphics software and the proud publisher of the PowerPlugs product family.


Critics Approve!

May 14, 2000

"PhotoActive FX is, in a word, hip--and a great choice for casual business or SOHO users who like breezy graphics and fun-to-watch presentations."
- Top 400 special to PC World
by Richard Jantz

"In order to get people to pay attention and focus on what youíre saying, you need a presentation that will catch their eye. You can achieve results by using a new program from CrystalGraphics called PhotoActive FX."
-Slaughterhouse PICK OF THE DAY

"Are your coworkers threatening to revolt the next time they have to suffer through another dull PowerPoint presentation? Spice things up with the help of PhotoActive FX I, a PowerPoint plug-in that allows you to incorporate more than 140 still and animated effects to enliven your presentations. Add some pizzazz."
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rs love it!

"It's amazing. The effects and animations are superb. It's an amazing collection of effects that will simply astound my audience. I was blown away by the Transformation Effects."
-John Clemens, Director of Information Technologies, Clemson University - PSA

"There were several occasions when I wanted to use a .WMF extension file and needed the cartoon character to face LEFT, not RIGHT. I would have normally had to go out into Paint Shop Pro and save a new copy of the cartoon, but with a couple of clicks I could do it in PowerPoint (using PhotoActive FX). Kudos to the designers! ...It was definitely useful."
-Terry Acord, President,
Acord Manufacturing Consulting

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