PowerPlugs: Transitions
Customers Love It!

"Excellent product. Love the 3D visual effects."
- Aime Atuboyedia, Administrative, United States Department of Agriculture

"The transitions effects are absolutely breathtaking."
- Mos Bad, PowerPlugs user

"I love your software"
- Sammy Campbell, Graphic Artist, Bell Helicopter Textron

"My experiences with PowerPlugs: Transitions have been simply awesome. These transitions are spectacular! They not only scream 3D all the way, but afford presenters the delight of hearing a new kind of 'gasp' from the audiences when they kick into action!"
- Dennis J. O'Brien, Manager (Marketing Communications), Ramco Systems Corporation

"We have used PowerPoint for years but your software breathes new life into our presentations. We first used it at one of our corporate meetings. Everyone oohed and ahhed out loud whenever your transitions played. Really, Out Loud!"
- Andrew Bower, Resource Manager, Computer Resources Group

"Yowza! You've gotta have em. You're gotta find a use for them, no matter what the cost."
- Sean Carton, PowerPlugs user

"PowerPlugs = best program! Thank you very much!"
- Young Lim, PowerPlugs user

"I'm completely smitten with PowerPlugs: Transitions. How soon can I buy more add-on effects for my software...?"
- Jim Shields, PowerPlugs user

I used PowerPlugs: Transitions this past week for my first public presentation, group of about 80. It was very well received, and I made the other presenters look like chumps with their old "slide" transitions and overheads."
- Terry Acord, PowerPlugs user

"Can't do presentations without it!"
- Ben Hanania, Vice President, Cincinnati Bell

"You have a great enhancement for PowerPoint with PowerPlugs: Transitions. I enjoy using it."
- John Michel, PowerPlugs user

"I love the programs, and have probably sold additional users on them by the questions I get from giving presentations."
- Carl Van Cott, Consultant

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Download Transitions software plus Transitions demo effects for FREE!
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