PowerPlugs: Transitions
Download Page
Download Instructions
1. Before you download we recommend that you:
a. Create a temporary download folder, such as C:/Download/PowerPlugs.
b. Close all other applications
c. Turn off call waiting on your telephone (*70) if you have it enabled.
2. To download:
a. Click on the "Download Now" button below to download the free transitions player software and demo versions     of the effects volumes I, II, III, IV, V, VI and VII effects
Click here to download now!
  b. Save the download file to your temporary download folder mentioned above. (That makes it easy to find     afterwards).
3. Now take a break: The download process will take a few minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection     (approximately 15 minutes using a 56K modem).
4. If you have a problem downloading and need help, click here for quick troubleshooting instructions.
Installation Instructions
1. Locate the software. Once the software has finished downloading, find the file you just downloaded by going to your     download folder using Windows Explorer. The downloaded file will be called  "PowerPlugs-Transitions-Trial.exe".
2. Install the software. Double click the downloaded file in order to begin the InstallShield software which will install     PowerPlugs: Transitions into PowerPoint and the demo effects into their proper subfolders. Follow the instructions     provided by this installation software to complete your installation.
3. If you have a problem installing
and need help, click here for quick troubleshooting instructions.
Basic Usage Instructions
1. Start up Microsoft PowerPoint. If properly installed, the "Add 3D Transition", and "View Show With 3D" commands     should appear on the floating palette, as well as in the PowerPoint's Slide Show menu. "Pack 3D Effects" command     should also automatically appear in the File menu of your copy of PowerPoint. If they don't, click here for troubleshooting     help.
2. To assign a 3D transition effect, open an existing PowerPoint presentation or start a new one with at least 2 slides.     Then click on the command "Add 3D Transition" to bring up the PowerPlugs: Transitions dialog box. You can choose a     "Random" transition style (or any other) then "Apply to All", and the program will assign 3D transition effects (and     corresponding sound effects) between each slide in your PowerPoint presentation.

3. To play the Slide Show with the 3D effects, use the "View Show With 3D".
4. For further help, please refer to the Help button in the software, or check under the Start Button > Programs >     PowerPlugs> Transitions Help, or  click here.
Uninstallation Instructions
Make sure PowerPoint is closed prior to uninstalling PowerPlugs: Transitions. Then choose one of these two recommended ways to uninstall PowerPlugs: Transitions:

          Click Start > Programs > PowerPlugs>Tranitions> Uninstall
          Click Start > Settings > Control Panel, then double-click Add/Remove Programs. Select PowerPlugs:           Transitions from the Install/Uninstall tab, and click Add/Remove.

Note: If you have installed one or more of the paid-for volume of Transitions and want to uninstall only the Demo volumes of Transitions, select one demo volume at a time to uninstall.

System Requirements
Processor Pentium 3 or 4 or compatible
Memory 128 MB or more recommended
Disk space 110 MB
Graphics chipset 3D acceleration enabled
Graphics API DirectX 9.0 or higher - Download DirectX for free from Microsoft
Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8
Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 - 2013

Also recommended:
A fast PC or — even better — a 3D graphics acceleration chip or board with 4 MB or more of video RAM. Although not required, this is very useful for speeding up the effects creation process. With a 3D acceleration chip or board, rendering times are completely eliminated. But without 3D acceleration hardware, rendering times are constrained by hardware speed. Without 3D graphics acceleration, rendering times of 1 minute per 3D effect is about average for a 600 MHz laptop PC, assuming an 800 x 600 resolution at 15 frames per second.
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