PowerPlugs: Slides that Win!
Below are a few topics covered in the six shows of PowerPlugs: Slides that Win! that help presenters create polished, effective slides and presentations:
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  Slide Master

  • Which fonts and font sizes are easiest to read, so audiences won't search for words and   numbers
  • How to set the look of your slides and speed later changes
  • How to copy and paste from model slides to minimize your own work
  • How to present and scale company logos, and adjust those taken from websites.
  • How to use different layouts for slide variety

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  Color and Design

  • How to use color scheme to appeal to audiences and clarify your message
  • How to use complementary colors for contrast and avoid competing colors that distract
  • What colors to avoid, including hints for color blindness
  • How to make or choose backgrounds that reinforce your company's image
  • How to import or customize backgrounds with colors, gradients, textures, pictures, and more
  • Guidelines on the best image size, resolution, and format for backgrounds

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  • How to organize content before creating slides
  • How to tailor content to your audience and highlight benefits
  • How to avoid "buffet" slides that overwhelm viewers with too much info and too many choices
  • How to weave information about your company into your presentation as it develops
  • How to use images to highlight stages and processes
  • How to create a one-slide overview for an executive summary
  • How to use certain slides layouts to compare products and ideas

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  • How to phrase text for maximum impact in a presentation
  • How to translate words into benefits
  • How to set up the phrases for maximum comprehension
  • How to reduce the words on a slide
  • How and when to use tables, timelines, photos, and images instead of text for variety and increased retention

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  • When to use and not use transitions and animations
  • How to use transitions and animation to focus attention, tell a story, or clarify a point
  • How to match animation to your message
  • How to animate titles, charts, symbols, clipart, pictures, movies, and text boxes
  • Which transitions and animations are best and easiest on the eyes
  • Which types of animations to avoid, especially when presenting steps and plans

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  • Using PowerPlugs: Backgrounds to create a state-of-the art look
  • How to make a photo look more alive and interesting with PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX
  • How to use the animated photo effects to really make a point with PowerPlugs: PhotoActive FX
  • How to put in a graphical shape to visually show the message with PowerPlugs: SuperShapes
  • When to use an animated graphical shape with PowerPlugs: SuperShapes
  • How to make titles 3D to change the pace of the talk with PowerPlugs: 3D Titles
  • How to increase surprise with 3D slide transitions using PowerPlugs: Transitions
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