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PowerPlugs: Screensaver Creator
Online Help and FAQs

Please review these technical FAQs to see if your question is answered on this page. If your question is not addressed here, please see the contact information for our Technical Support department.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Getting Started
2. How to Create Your Screensaver
How do I uninstall PowerPlugs: Screensaver Creator from my system?
4. How to Install a Screensaver Self-Extracting Executable?

1. Getting Started
The PowerPlugs: Screensaver Creator is a screensaver creation plug-in for PowerPoint that allows you easily convert your PowerPoint presentations into a screensaver which can be automatically set as your default screensaver and/or exported to other computers.
After installing the PowerPlugs: Screensaver Creator, a new button - Create Screensaver… appears on the floating palette, as well as in the File menu, immediately under the 'Save As' tool.

2. How to Create Your Screensaver
Step 1
To start with, create your personalized PowerPoint presentation. You can use whatever features are available in Microsoft PowerPoint while creating the presentation - i.e. insert music, add animation schemes, slide transitions, etc… - Save the presentation when finished.

If presentation is set to advance slides automatically on specific timing (say after "n" seconds) resulting screensaver will also advance slides on specific timing (after "n" seconds) If automatic timing is not set for presentation then screensaver will advance automatically after 5 seconds

PowerPlugs: 3D Titles and PowerPlugs: Transitions effects are currently not supported by PowerPlugs: Screensaver Creator but it does support Microsoft’s native PowerPoint transition effects, animations, AVIs animated GIFs, MPEGs, etc.

Step 2

After saving the presentation you created, click the Create Screensaver button, which brings up the following dialog box:

Select the Screensaver Behavior and Build Options of your choice to be played in the screensaver. Then, simply click the Build button to create the screensaver. If you have checked the "Create screensaver installer for distribution" Build Option, the software will also create a self extracting (.exe) screensaver that can be distributed. By default, a screensaver installer will be created in the My Screensaver folder in My Documents.

The following table describes the functions of each button / controls within the dialog.
Controls Description
Screensaver Behavior
Exit screensaver on mouse move You can check this option if you want to stop the screensaver and resume control of the desktop by moving mouse.
Exit screensaver on key press You can check this option if you want to stop screensaver and resume control of the desktop by pressing a keyboard key.
Build Options
Create screensaver and install on this computer You can check this option if you want to create a screensaver and install it on your computer as the default screensaver.
Create screensaver installer for distribution in folder: You can check this option if you want to create a screensaver installer that can be used for distribution and installation on another machine.
Click this button to change the default storage location and search path where the screensaver installer will be created.
This button creates the screensaver and installs it on the local machine as the default screensaver with all the options selected.
This button provides useful links to PowerPlugs: Screensaver Creator online resources, along with copyright information and the software version.
Click this button to close the PowerPlugs: Screensaver Creator dialog box without creating a screensaver.
3. How to Uninstall
1. Go to the Start Button>Programs>PowerPlugs>Screensaver Creator.
2. Run the uninstall utility and follow the instructions in the dialog.

4. How to Install a Screensaver Self-Extracting Executable
If you want to install a screensaver self-extracting executable (.exe) on your machine or on another machine, do the following:
1. Close PowerPoint if it is running.
2. Locate the screensaver .exe file, whether it is copied onto a CD-ROM, or stored in a folder on the machine's hard drive. Double click on the Screensaver .exe file, and follow the prompts.

Technical Support Options

Website-based Tech Support: CrystalGraphics customers automatically receive unlimited access to our Online Technical Support FAQs which list the typical technical support problems that users encounter, along with our best information regarding their solutions. This service is available free of charge.

Email-based Tech Support: If you are a CrystalGraphics customer and have read through all the common questions and answers in the technical support section of the CrystalGraphics website, and your issue is still not resolved, you can click here to send us an email for a customized answer to your unique issue. Most emails are answered within 24 hours of receipt.

Telephone-based Support: If you should need telephone-based assistance within 30 days after your purchase, you can call our tech support team Monday through Friday, 7:00AM to 4:00PM (ET).

1. Please note: Our tech support staff is often on the phone helping other customers, so you may get voice mail when you call. But donít be alarmed: A technical support representative will make every effort to promptly return your call and assist you. If you do get voice mail, be sure to leave a message that includes your name and contact information such as your complete email address and a phone number (include your country & city code numbers) along with a description of the problem you are experiencing.

2. For customers calling from within the U.S. and most parts of Canada, call (800) 394-0700.

3. Note: Some locations outside the U.S. may not be able to connect directly to the above number.
In this case, please call +1 408-496-6175.

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