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RemotePoint RF
Online Technical Support

1. Is there a Windows XP driver for RemotePoint Rf, VP4800 or VP4810?
2. I plugged the RemotePoint RF receiver into my USB port but I cannot move the cursor. What do I do?
3. In PowerPoint, when I right click, the slide does not reverse, but a menu appears on the screen
4. Will RemotePoint RF work on an NT workstation?
5. How do I change channels on the RemotePoint Rf, keyboard or Combo?

1. Is there a Windows XP driver for RemotePoint Rf, VP4800 or VP4810?
Please download RemotePoint Rf version 3.3.

Uninstall all RemotePoint Rf programs and drivers from your system before installing. Also please plug the receiver into the USB port first. Windows should recognize the receiver and find a USB HID device driver (some systems will recognize it as RemotePoint Rf/USB device ). This will allow the unit to work as a 2 button mouse. If the Remote does not work as a mouse at this point please check to see if your system has a new Human Interface Device (HID). If a new HID shows up in the device manager, this is what you will update in step 8. Please call technical support at (800) 340-1331 to trouble shoot the hardware if your RemotePoint Rf does not work and there are no new devices in your device manager.

Please unzip the Downloaded file to a directory called interlink and run the setup.exe from there. DONOT instal from the WinZIP application!

Reboot your computer.

The program will say that it needs a Windows 2000 driver. The RemotePoint Rf program will state that the device was not found. The driver will need to be installed manually using the following procedure:

1. Close the RemotePoint application by right clicking the blue RF logo in you system tray (lower right corner of your screen) and selecting exit.
2. Click on "START"
3. Right Click on "MY COMPUTER" to bring up properties
4. Select the hardware tab and then DEVICE MANAGER
5. View devices by type (this is the default view)
6. Expand the "mice and other pointing devices" by clicking the + symbol. You should see at least 1 HID Compliant mouse or a RemotePoint Rf/USB device.
7. If there are more than one HID compliant mice and you do not have the RemotePoint Rf/USB device, you must find the one that controls the remote. This is done by right clicking the HID Compliant mouse and disabling it. Once it is disabled, test the remote to see if you can move the mouse. If you can't, that is the one we need to update. You must remember that one and re-enable it.
8. Right click on the HID Compliant mouse we just re-enabled (or the RemotePoint Rf/USB device) and select "update driver"
9. Do not select the recommended, instead select install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
10. Click on "don't search, I will choose the driver to install."
11. Click on "have disk"
12. Browse to the location (interlink folder) where the file was unzipped.
13. Select the file "rprfflt"
14. Click OK
15. There will be warning messages from Windows XP stating this driver is not signed and may cause problems. IGNORE all these warnings. You will have about 3 warnings.
16. Click finish.
17.Restart RemotePoint RF program by going to the startup folder and clicking the blue RF logo.
18. The program should start with a large blue RF splash screen and you should have no error messages.
19. Test the remote by hitting the number 2 button. The screen should go blank. Push on the lower part of the mouse button to reveal the screen. If this works you have successfully installed the driver.

2. I plugged the RemotePoint RF receiver into my USB port but I cannot move the cursor. What do I do?
While in Device Manager, double click on mouse, then double click on RemotePoint RF (USB).
Go to Driver, then Update Driver.
Click on Specify the location... then Next.
Select Display a list of all the drivers... then Next.
From the list, select HID Compliant Mouse... then Next.
Follow the prompts again until Finish. Reboot your computer.
You should now be able to use your RemotePoint RF as a two-button mouse.

3. In PowerPoint, when I right click, the slide does not reverse, but a menu appears on the screen
In PowerPoint, go to Tools, Options, View and uncheck the two checks that say "show pop-up menu," then say "OK." This will allow you to reverse your slides with the right click.

4. Will RemotePoint RF work on an NT workstation?
Because Windows NT does not support USB, the software was not configured to work in NT.

RemotePoint RF will work in Windows NT workstation as a two-button wireless mouse with a laser pointer. Being a Microsoft compatible mouse, it is not necessary to load the RemotePoint RF driver to operate in the "Mouse Mode". You can use the standard Windows PS/2 drivers. This will allow you to use it to control the slide transitions in PowerPoint.

5. How do I change channels on the RemotePoint Rf, keyboard or Combo?
To change the channel change the DIP switches on the receiver (located between the antenna and the wire in back of the unit). For the new channel to take effect, you must either unplug the receiver and after 5 seconds plug it back in or restart the computer. Look at the label to identify the channel you want, then match the transmitter to that channel number. To program the transmitter (handheld unit), hold down the left and right arrows at the same time for about 10 seconds. You should see the backlights flash. Then press the button with the channel number that matches the receiver. For channel 5 or higher, push the laser button first, then the button that is 4 less than the channel you want. Channel 5 would be laser button plus number 1. To program the keyboard, remove the battery cover and batteries. Under the batteries you will find the four dip switches that must match the receiver.

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