RemotePoint Navigator Champagne

Getting Started

Installing the batteries
  • Place your thumb on the six dots and press down to slide the battery cover off.
  • Insert the batteries, paying attention to the battery orientation guide inside the battery bay.
  • Set the battery cover on to the unit with the arrow positioned between the two grooves. Then gently snap into place.
Connecting the USB receiver  
  • Remove the protective cap prior to connecting the receiver.
  • Insert the USB receiver into any available USB port on your computer. A green indicator light will blink every few seconds.

    If you are not receiving the maximum distance for Navigator, use the USB extension cable for difficult to reach computers or those with space constraints.
In order to begin presenting, the following checklist must be completed.
  • The computer must be on.
  • The presentation software must be activated and in the slide show mode.
  • The USB receiver must be installed

    For a dramatic beginning, prepare the slide show in advance with the opening slide on screen. Then use the reveal feature icon to hide the presentation until you are ready to start.

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