PowerPointer Wizard
What are the Remote Control Specifications?

Transmission technology
Control distance
Laser color
Laser class
Laser output
Laser distance
Working environment temperature
Battery type
Radio Frequency (RF)
2.4 GHz
Up to 60 feet in any direction
Green (532 nm)
Class II
> 0.5 miles
-4F ~ +113F
Two AAA batteries
5.1 x 1.5 x 0.7 inches

What are the Reciever Specifications?

System requirements
Compatible with
Plug and Play version
Flash memory options
Battery type
Windows 98, Me ,2000, XP, Vista, Mac OS or Linux
All versions of Microsoft PowerPoint and Apple Keynote
USB 2.0
No Memory, 1GB RAM or 2GB RAM on receiver
None required. Powered by PC.
3.0 x 1.1 x 0.5 inches
16 g

Why green laser?
• Green is easily seen on red slides (e.g. medical, red logos, red backgrounds, etc.)
• Green (due to the intensity of the laser) is more easily seen by colorblind people
• Green appears up to 10x brighter than red lasers of the same class
• Green is easily seen from a distance (this is a 60 foot remote!)
• Green is unique. It will help you keep the audience’s attention.

How do I control my presentations?

How do I control the mouse?
Place your thumb on the large rounded optical mouse button located in the center of the remote. Then, by sliding your thumb gently, you'll see the cursor on the screen react to your movements in any direction (full 360°). When the moving cursor reaches your desired location on the screen, simply press down gently on the same button once to select. (This is the same function as a "Left click" on a traditional PC mouse). Then gently double-click the same button (quickly press the same button twice) to enable the "Enter" function (this is the same function as the "Enter" button on a keyboard).

How do I use the timer
To set the Timer:

1. Press the "TIME" key. On the LCD screen you'll notice the "hours" column will begin to flash. Adjust the desired time (hours) by using the up and down arrows.
2. After the desired hours have been set, press the "TIME" key again to select the "minutes" column. Again, adjust the desired time (minutes) by using the up and down arrows.
3. After the desired minutes have been set, press the "TIME" key again to select the "seconds" column. Again, use the up and down arrows.
4. Once your desired time of your presentation has been set, press the "START" key to begin the countdown.
5. At the end of the countdown, the PowerPointer Wizard remote control will give a vibration alarm signal quietly putting perfect time control in your hands at presentation events such as business meetings, conferences, class or church.

How do I use the RAM (Optionally Built into the Receiver)?
Once the Receiver is installed in an available USB port, you should be able to read from the optional onboard RAM using any software on your computer that supports reading from a disk. (The RAM, if present, should show up as a "Removable Disk" drive in any Open dialog or in My Computer or in Windows Explorer on any Windows PC.) To write to the disk, simply make sure that the sliding switch on the side of the receiver is Unlocked/Write position. Then simply save your files to the device just as you would to any other hard drive on your computer.

Where is the Battery capacity indicator?
The 2 AAA batteries usually last about 60 - 90 days with normal use. (But your usage pattern and results may vary.) But eventually, after multiple uses, when the remaining battery power drops below 2.3 V, a low-battery indicator will appear on the remote's LCD screen, reminding you to install fresh batteries.

What is the Multimedia Mode Feature?
Pressing the "M" button on the remote allows you to switch between PowerPoint and Multimedia modes. (The mode will be displayed on the LCD screen by indicating Point or Media at the top of your remote.) When this button is pressed, it will put your remote into a mode that changes the interpretation of some of its buttons. (So you don't want to press this button accidentally during a presentation, putting you into Multimedia mode. But, if you do, just press it again to put your remote back into PowerPoint mode.) The purpose of the Multimedia mode is to provide you with a convenient way to start up and control start the iTunes Media Player. Once it is started up, you can control the volume levels, as well as go forward and back in your personal musical playlist. This could be a handy way to play some appropriate mood music as people walk into the room before your presentation starts.
Using the Laser Pointer



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