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Have you ever sat through—or delivered—a PowerPoint® presentation that was poorly organized, visually boring, cluttered, or hard to follow with no clear message? Most of us have. CrystalGraphics can help!

PowerPlugs: Presentations to Go will instantly give you a jump start on creating well-organized and attractive presentations that communicate a clear message every time.

PowerPlugs: Presentations to Go is a totally unique product that consists of a series of professionally designed presentation “shells”—including layouts, backgrounds and outlines—covering 23 of the most common presentation topics. Each graphically-rich shell helps you quickly organize your ideas and clarify your key message for your selected topic. Simply read the included recommendations for content, then drop in the text and you'll have a complete and great-looking presentation…to go!

Each presentation shell includes over twenty slides covering your selected topic in a professional, audience-focused way . Carefully chosen sophisticated graphical designs illustrate key concepts and keep your audience's attention. Each presentation shell also includes a unique accompanying “how-to” presentation that will lead you through the process of identifying your key objectives and planning how to engage your audience. These how-to presentations also include expert tips on the best ways to effectively organize and present your own content.

Thanks to its fill-in-the-blanks user interface, PowerPlugs: Presentations to Go is very easy to learn and use. But that's not all: At just $49, we think you will find it extremely affordable, as well!

Honestly, if you want to deliver professional-quality presentations that are great-looking and communicate a clear message, try PowerPlugs: Presentations to Go. After all, if your audiences don't really understand your main message, you are all just wasting your time. And, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. So you have nothing to lose!

Features at a Glance
Complete library of 23 topic-specific presentation "shells".
Each presentation shell includes sophisticated custom graphics and expert tips on how to organize and present your presentation.
Helps you quickly organize your ideas so you can get a head start on your presentation creation!
Works with PowerPoint 2003 - 2013!
Only $49!
PowerPlugs: Presentations to Go includes 23 sets of professional presentation shells and corresponding tips and techniques presentations.
Category Review
Change Proposal
Communicate Bad News
Company Overview
Company Strategic Analysis
Convincing People of a Problem
General Format
Identify Potential Problems
Identify the Problem
Investor Relations
New Project Proposal
Persuasive Presentation
Product Launch
Project Progress Report
Recommend an Alternative
Satisfying Your Customers
Sell to the Customer Interests
Share Information
Strategy Recommendation
Teach Skills
Technical Presentation
Technical Sales
Work Update
Technical Support Information
If you have questions about PowerPlugs: Presentations to Go, we have answers on our Technical Support and Online help pages.

System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® – XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8®
Microsoft PowerPoint – 2003– 2013

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