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Below are screen shots taken from the Strategy Recommendation topic. Each presentation shell includes an outline, a topic-oriented template, with custom graphics as well as a unique parallel presentation full of expert tips on the best ways to organize and present your own content.

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Presentation shells included in Strategy Recommendation topic

Title slide with custom graphics

Executive Summary slide - Opening statement. Use this slide to present your case.

Agenda slide - Outline of your presentations.

Table format - Use this format to list the problem(s) and changes you would like to see for each case

List your strategies

Present your strategy in details. Always list the advantages and disadvantages for each strategy.

Show a comparison of all the strategies

When appropriate, show your comparison in a chart format.

State the desired strategy in details

List all benefits of the new strategy

Ask your audience how they feel about the recommended strategy

Present the challenges and solutions of the recommended strategy

List all the steps and the supports to get the new strategy implemented

Open forum - Allow your audiences to ask questions and express their concerns

Use summary slide to restate the key benefits for the new strategy.

Text slide

Print slide


Presentations Guide for Strategy Recommendation
Includes tips and tutorial material on how to create and present

Overview slide - Before working on your presentation, fill out the answers on this slide.
This will help you quickly organize your ideas for your selected topic

Overview slide example

Slide suggestions tips

Presentation suggestions tips

Delivery tips

Valuable tips on how to create great handouts.