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Ultra-portable flat panel speaker, amplifier & wireless microphone
Introducing GoSpeak! Pro
Ultra-Portable Speakers

GoSpeak! Pro is a revolutionary new FLAT PANEL speaker and amplification system with an optional lapel microphone designed specifically with Microsoft® PowerPoint® presenters in mind. It is very attractive, powerful, highly portable and surprisingly affordable. But, most amazing of all, the sound is loud and clear for the entire audience, whether they sit in the front row or very back of the room.

Features at a glance
Easily folds up & slips into the included laptop-like tote bag for maximum portability.
Weighs less than 5 pounds. Sets up in seconds. Looks elegant and unique.
Uses just 40 watts yet stereo speakers put out an impressive 64 decibels sound.
2nd generation flat panel technology distributes sound evenly throughout room.
Optional clear-sound wireless lapel microphone with receiver built into amplifier.
Costs less than $400; Optional microphone adds just $100. 
The entire GoSpeak! Pro System (which includes two flat panel stereo speakers, with all the amplification electronics right inside of the speaker panels) is a slim 2½ inches thick, and folds up to easily slip into the included laptop-like carrying case. And at under 5 lbs, it is astonishingly lightweight!

Ease of Use
It only takes a few seconds to set-up a GoSpeak! Pro system. Simply unfold the speakers and place them on any table top, plug in the power, and turn on your microphone. A simple control panel provides dual volume adjustments. GoSpeak! Pro also has an input for a cable from your PC, just in case you want to amplify your presentation’s music or sound effects.

Visual Appeal
The GoSpeak! Pro system looks elegant and unique. And that will create a positive reflection on you that will, in turn, give you increased confidence when your audience members walk into the room.

Superior Sound Distribution
Even more important than its good looks, GoSpeak! Pro provides clear and rich room filling stereo sound thanks to the breakthrough flat panel speaker technology called SurfaceSound™ from NXT. Conventional speakers use directional cones to project sound which can cause ear-splitting volume for the people who happen to sit in front of the speakers and inadequate volume for everyone else in the room. GoSpeak's flat panel speaker technology is a clearly superior choice for sound projection to an audience due to its super-high fidelity, omni-directional sound projection as well as the fact that its flatter sound waves don't dissipate with distance nearly as much as those old-fashioned conical speakers. As a result, GoSpeak provides better sound distribution for a more consistent volume level and sound quality throughout the room!

The Power to Present
GoSpeak! Pro uses just 40 watts yet delivers an impressive 64 decibels of high quality audio output so you can comfortably deliver your message, music and sound effects to audiences of up to 200 people. From your opening remarks to your closing statements, GoSpeak! Pro will ensure that your message is heard with clarity and power!

Low Cost of Ownership
For just $399 for an entire GoSpeak! Pro system, it is very affordable, especially when compared to the cost of renting audio equipment or hiring audio-visual setup crews to set up the heavy, old fashioned speaker systems with their inferior acoustics. In fact, in just one or two uses, GoSpeak! Pro will pay for itself. And that investment will last over time because GoSpeak! Pro has a solid metal housing and is fade and wear resistant, making it very durable and built to last.

Optional Microphone
For a complete, portable public address system, CrystalGraphics highly recommends the GoSpeak! Pro with wireless microphone system. This option includes a wireless transmitter pack.

Additional Information
If you have additional questions about GoSpeak! Pro, we have answers on our additional details page.

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GoSpeak! Pro
GoSpeak! Pro + Wireless Microphone

"Speakers; There's no need to shout: slim panels do the work"
New York Times

Warranty and Support:
30-day satisfaction guarantee   (must be in “like-new” condition)
One Year, Limited Warranty
  (on parts and workmanship)
Toll Free Customer Support

What's included?
•  2 GoSpeak! Pro ultra-portable    speakers
•  USA style 110V power cord
•  Laptop-like carrying case
•  Audio cable
•  Quick start guide
•  Optional lapel microphone

100% satisfaction
guaranteed – or send it
back for a full refund!
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