PowerPlugs: FlashReady
How to insert a video from FlashReady.

1. Inside PowerPoint select Insert > PowerPlugs: FlashReady or from the floating FlashReady menu - Insert Flash Movie

2. You will see the following dialog.

3. To insert a Flash movie click on your choice of gallery images above.

4. Or click on the "..." button to select another Flash movie not included in the gallery.
When you click on the “…” button above, you will see two options:

a) Flash Movie on this PC
b) Online Video

5. To insert a Flash movie available on your machine click on - Flash Movie on this PC. It will bring up a standard file Open dialog. Use it to select any (.swf format) Flash movie on your PC which will then be automatically inserted into PowerPoint..

6. To select a Flash video available anywhere on the Web click on - Online Video. It will then open up the dialog box below.

7. Now, for your convenience, using the dialog box above you may use the “Open Web Browser” button below to start up your default Web browser (such as Internet Explorer or Firefox).

8. Use your browser to find the Flash video you’d like to insert on YouTube.com or any other such video sharing site.

9. Then copy and past the Internet address of that video (such as: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXFi7AdhhGk) into the white text entry box below.

10.Then click OK and you should ready to go with your Flash video inserted into PowerPoint.

11. Tip: If you want to move the Flash video after it has been inserted, you can simply click on it and drag it to your preferred location. To resize it, click on the Flash movie, then click on the small white circles with black borders that appear on the sides or top and bottom, and drag them to achieve your Flash movie’s preferred size.