PowerPlugs: Blurify

Software Update

Current Version
The current version of the
PowerPlugs: Blurify software is 2.0  released May 18th, 2011

If your software has an older (lower) version number than this, then you will want to get your free update here!

Download  PowerPlugs: Blurify Version 2.0 Update

Updating Instructions for users of all previous versions of PowerPlugs: Blurify:

  1. Download the new update for PowerPlugs: Blurify software.
    Click on the link (above, right) to download the PowerPlugs:Blurify update file.

  2. Save the downloaded file to a location such as your "My Download Files" folder, where it will be easy to find in the next steps.

  3. Close all running applications to prevent installation problems.
    This is good advice when installing any software from any source.

  4. Double-click the downloaded file to start the installation.
    By default, the installer will place the new software in a directory called C:\Program Files\PowerPlugs.
    Your downloaded file will be named: PowerPlugs_Blurify_Update.exe.
    After you double-click on this downloaded file, the installer will extract one or more compressed files from it.
    The newly extracted files will be placed, by default, in a directory called C:\Program Files\PowerPlugs.

PowerPlugs: Blurify 2.0 makes the following enhancements and fixes the following issues:

  • Redesigned dialogue for better ease of use.