Discover the power of blur effects to focus your
PowerPoint audiences’ attention on your key points

PowerPlugs: Blurify
Captivate your PowerPoint audiences with something they’ve never seen before - a new effect that will help guide them smoothly through your presentations, while helping to clarify your recommendations, make learning more fun, simplify complex data, even make your slides easier to read and understand. What effect will do all that? Text and image blurring. (See some real-world examples in the presentation below.) How can you create still or animated blur effects inside of PowerPoint? With PowerPlugs: Blurify. It’s new. It’s cool. And with the recently released version 2.0, it is even easier than ever to use. With PowerPlugs: Blurify you can:
Guide your audiences through your presentations - Blur non-current bullet points then bring them into focus, one by one.

Clarify your recommendations - Show several possible actions, then blur the ones you don’t recommend.

Make learning more fun: Blur incorrect answers in quiz slides after students make their choices.

Simplify complex data - Blur selected portions of charts to draw attention to key values and trends.
Design slides that are easier to read - Blur backgrounds to make foregrounds stand out.
Point out visual “needles in a haystack” - Blur part of an image to emphasize something else in it.

The audience-focusing effects in the example presentation above were all created using PowerPlugs: Blurify right inside of PowerPoint, then animated using PowerPoint’s custom animation tools. Captivate your own audiences with PowerPlugs: Blurify. It is inexpensive and very easy to use!

System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® XP to Windows 7
Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 to 2010

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