Grab your Microsoft® PowerPoint® audiences' attention
with customizable 3D title animations!
PowerPlugs: 3D Titles 2013

PowerPlugs: 3D Titles lets you add impressive-looking animated 3D title slides to your PowerPoint presentations in seconds. Each volume includes 30 pre-created 3D animations inspired by television and film. All the animations are customizable. And 3D Titles works right inside of PowerPoint!

3D Titles is extremely easy to use. Once installed, a new menu item will appear in PowerPoint's Insert menu. When you click "Add 3D Title Slide" you will see 3D Titles' intuitive, PowerPoint-style main dialog displaying a gallery of professionally created 3D title animations.

Simply pick the 3D animation you want, type your title (and optional subtitle) text and voila! — you're done. Your personalized 3D title, along with other artistic elements, will automatically animate together smoothly, just like the ones on TV.

3D Titles' Advanced... button leads to a rich editing environment which allows you to customize your selected 3D title animation by changing the colors, materials, sizes, orientation and other attributes of each of its elements.

Features at a Glance
Adds still or animated 3D title slides to PowerPoint presentations with just a few clicks!
30 animated 3D title effects per volume!
All animated 3D title effects are fully editable!
Also adds complementary sound effects!
Works right inside of PowerPoint!
Software updates are FREE!

Visit our PowerPlugs: 3D Titles I gallery
Visit our PowerPlugs: 3D Titles II gallery

Download the Demo
Download a FREE trial of PowerPlugs: 3D Titles I and II

System Requirements
Processor Pentium 3 or 4 or compatible
Memory 128 MB or more recommended
Disk space 110 MB
Graphics chipset 3D acceleration enabled
Graphics API DirectX 9.0 or higher - Download DirectX for free from Microsoft
Microsoft Windows XP - Windows 8
Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 2013

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