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CrystalGraphics Video Clips for PowerPoint will instantly make your presentations look more professional and be more interesting. And they can help ensure that everyone understands – and remembers – your key points. There are currently over 400 videos included in the CrystalGraphics Video Clips for PowerPoint collection. They are organized into 24 general topics ranging from Health to Finance and from Humorous to Motivational. So, whatever your presentation topic, there's a good chance we'll have a great video clip you can use to make your presentation even better than it already is - for an unbeatable price!

Technical Details:
File format: All the Video Clips for PowerPoint are saved in the WMV format.
Resolution: Video Clips resolutions range from 800 x 600 x 30 fps to 720 x 406
Data rates: Variable data rates, ranging from 1,495 kbps to 1,861 kbps with a 30 fps target frame rate
Audio: Some of the videos include sounds, most don’t.
Compatible with: Microsoft Windows Vista to Windows 7 and Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 to 2010
Online sharing:  Presentations enhanced with Video Clips may be easily shared via for free.
How to Order:
Use the search tool above to find the best video clips to enhance your presentations. Then click on  thumbnail images to preview them online. To order a video clip, just click on the Add to Cart button under its online preview then follow the simple instructions from there.
Just $49 per clip!

Only $49 a clip!

Steel Pipes

Good Veggies

Stainless Steel

Financial Bull Market


Mechanical Loop