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Get FREE DEMO-evaluation versions
of PowerPlugs: Templates for PowerPoint and PowerPlugs: Template Finder

Before you spend one dime on a new template, we want you to see for yourself how good our award-winning collection of PowerPoint templates really is. The world’s easiest way to do that is to use our cool new PowerPoint plugin called:
PowerPlugs: Template Finder.

Once installed, it will automatically connect you to the Internet right from within PowerPoint, making it extremely easy to find & preview our entire collection of over 30,000 visually-stunning PowerPlugs: Templates for PowerPoint. And then, with a single click of your mouse, Template Finder will let you download lightly watermarked versions of any template you are interested in and automatically insert it directly into your current PowerPoint presentation. This way you can evaluate exactly how the template(s) you are interested in look in the context of your existing text and graphics.

Try it…We promise you’ll be impressed!
Download Instructions
1. Before you download we recommend that you:
a. Create a temporary download folder, such as C:/Download/PowerPlugs.
b. Close all other applications
c. Turn off call waiting on your telephone (*70) if you have it enabled and are using a dial-up connection.
2. To download:
a. Click on the "32-bit Download" button below to download PowerPlugs: Template Finder for Windows 32-bit or the "64-bit Download" button for Windows 64-bit, to get the cool, new and FREE PowerPoint plugin that makes it extremely easy to find, preview, try, download and insert your selected PowerPlugs-branded PowerPoint templates directly into your current presentations with a single click of the mouse.Try it today!

**For best results, we recommend uninstalling your current version of PowerPlugs: Template Finder before installing a newer version.
b. Save the download file to your temporary download folder mentioned above. (That makes it easy to find     afterwards).
3. Wait for the file to download. The download process may take a few seconds to a couple of minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. (It will take approximately 3 minutes using a 56K modem.)
4. If you have a problem downloading and need help, click here for quick troubleshooting instructions.
Installation Instructions
1. Locate the software. Once the software has finished downloading, find the file you just downloaded by going to your download folder using Windows Explorer. The downloaded file will be called:
   - 32-bit: PowerPlugs_Template_Finder_for_PowerPoint_V4.04_32-bit.exe
   - 64-bit: PowerPlugs_Template_Finder_for_PowerPoint_V4.04_64-bit.exe
2. Install the software. Double click the downloaded file in order to begin the InstallShield software which will install the PowerPlugs: Template Finder Plugin software into PowerPoint. Follow the instructions provided by this installation software to complete your installation.
3. If you have a problem installing
and need help, click here for quick troubleshooting instructions.
Basic Usage Instructions

1. Simply open PowerPoint, then access thePowerPlugs: Template Finder plugin using PowerPoint's familiar "Format" menu.
2. Once you choose "PowerPlugs: Template Finder", a window appears which allows you to select and choose a template to be applied to your presentation.
3. Either you can click on the small thumbnail "Try" button which brings a dropdown menu of "Standard Template" or "Printable Template" or you can click on the small thumbnail of the template which takes you to a larger resolution thumbnail that also has a "Try" button with a dropdown menu of "Standard Template" or "Printable Template". Choose one to see what it look likes inside of PowerPoint.

Uninstallation Instructions

Make sure PowerPoint is closed prior to uninstalling PowerPlugs: Template Finder

          • Goto Start menu => PowerPlugs => Template Finder => Uninstall

System Requirements
• Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 to 2013
• Windows operating systems: 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
• 3.0 MB disk space



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