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Exciting new animation tool for Microsoft® PowerPoint®
PowerPlugs: Animator
Keep your audiences' attention focused on your key message. Apply professionally
produced text and backdrop animation plus supporting sound effects to an entire PowerPoint presentation with just 2 or 3 clicks!

How do TV news and sports broadcasters get their audiences to focus on their key facts and figures? Often by applying professional-quality animation with appropriate sound effects to the bulleted text that summarizes the information.

How can busy PowerPoint presentations do the same thing? Well, let's face it, the tools in PowerPoint don't make this easy to do well. PowerPoint's Animation Schemes' effects are generally simplistic and all to often tacky. And there are no user controls, whatsoever. So, you can rule that out.

On the other hand , it is way too tedious to create interesting compound animations and apply them to all your slides using PowerPoint's Custom Animation tool, since it only works on one slide at a time, among other reasons. In fact, it would literally take hours to do that for each presentation you create. Who has time for that?.

But don't worry! We've solved this dilemma for you. The new PowerPlugs: Animator plugs right into PowerPoint. It includes a gallery full of professional quality compound animations with synchronized sound effects that you can apply to any or all of the bulleted text in your presentation. Hooray!

And these effects include useful options such as animated backdrops (with any color or image of your choice) that automatically adjust to the size of your bulleted text paragraphs, to further help to focus your audiences' attention on your key points.

And, with just 2 or 3 clicks, these effects can be applied to a single slide or to an entire presentation! And, with another couple of clicks, they can be packed into the presentation so that you can take your PPT file on the road with you, without the need for any special PowerPoint plugins to play the effects.

Features at a Glance
Apply professional - quality text animation + sound effects to entire presentations with just 2 or 3 clicks!
Animated backdrops help to further focus your audiences' attention on your key points
Volume 1 Includes 30 high-quality animations + sound effects.
Plugs right into PowerPoint for Incredible ease of use!

PowerPlugs: Animator I boasts 30 high-quality effects including:
•  Dynamic outlines,
•  Fly-in Panels,
•  Fly-In with Square Bullets,
•  Pass through,
•  Unfold and Highlight,
•  Zoom Bars
•  Converging Lines
•  Flying Arrow
•  Reveal from Center
•  Roll Down
•  Spiral Background
•  Threaded Bars
•  and many more!

Take a look at these examples of the PowerPlugs: Animator effects.
PowerPlugs: Animator gallery

System Requirements for PowerPlugs: Animator
Pentium compatible processor
Windows operating systems: 2000, XP, Windows Vista
Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 - 2007

Additional information
If you have additional questions about PowerPlugs: Animator, we have answers on our additional details page.

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PowerPlugs: Animator I -
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PowerPlugs: Ultimate Combo
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Fly with Square Bullet

Roll Down

Reveal From Center

Threaded Bars - Left

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