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Online Technical Support

Please review these technical FAQs to see if your question is answered on this page. If your question is not addressed here, please see the contact information for our Technical Support department.

1. How do I install PowrPlugs: Pictures?
2. The Preview Gallery does not open. What can I do?
3. What file type are the images?
4. What are PowerPlugs: Pictures for?


How do I install Pictures?
Installing Pictures is not necessary but recommended for quick and easy access. To install:

  1. Insert a Pictures CD.
  2. A welcome screen will appear and give you the option to view the gallery, read the End User License Agreement, install or exit.
  3. Select "Install Photos."
  4. After the installation is complete, a Preview Gallery can be accessed from: Start>Programs>Pictures.
  5. The default installation location for the full-size Pictures images is My Documents>My Pictures. You can either use the Preview Gallery to copy and paste a picture into other applications, or insert the images from within another application that has an "Insert Picture" or equivalent command.

Alternately, you can access Pictures images directly from the CD without permanently installing the entire contents:

  1. Insert a Pictures CD.
  2. When the welcome screen appears, select "View Photos Gallery".
  3. Left-click on any picture. A full-sized picture will open in your Web browser.
  4. Right-click on the full-sized picture and select Copy, then Paste the image into an open document in any other application.
  5. You can also access the pictures from within PowerPoint and other Microsoft Office applications. Simply navigate to the CD drive that holds the Pictures CD and select the folder named Photos.
2. The Preview Gallery does not open. What can I do?
Each CD contains a file called "GALLERY.HTM" that previews small copies of the included images. If the gallery does not open, please make sure that you have a web browser installed on your computer. You can download Microsoft Internet Explorer here.
3. What file type are the images?
They are .JPG
format (also known as JPEG).

Additional info:
Bit depth: 24 bit.
Resolution: 72 DPI
Color mode: RGB

4. What are Pictures for?
Pictures images can enhance almost any kind of project — PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, Web pages, desktop backgrounds, and more. An End User License Agreement is included on each CD.


Additional Support

Technical Support Options

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