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PowerPlugs: AntiSpam

Real-time Spam Black Lists (RBL)
Public blacklists are filtering services on the Internet that track Internet addresses used by spammers. This page lists a number of spam black lists that can be used to block spam from entering your mail server. Enabling PowerPlugs: AntiSpam to check against one or more of these public blacklists may increase the amount of spam caught. All lists are free to use.

To set a public blacklist, click on the PowerPlugs: AntiSpam button on the PowerPlugs: AntiSpam toolbar and select "Options" from the menu. On the PowerPlugs: AntiSpam popup, under the General Options section, check the public blacklist you want to use, and then click the OK button.

Note: Public blacklists are imperfect in that some legitimate senders may be using the same Internet addresses as the spammers. Another tradeoff is that using many blacklists can slow receipt of your messages.
For information about setting advanced RBL options, please read the PowerPlugs: AntiSpam Online Help.

Known Spam Lists
The following table includes lists that track the domains of known spammers.

Name / URL
List Name
IP Address
Description or
List of IP's that do not comply with RFC's listing policy guidelines.
A free realtime DNS-based database of IP addresses of verified spammers, spam gangs and spam services.

Open Relay Lists
The following table includes lists that track the domains spammers use to relay mail from. These lists can include innocent mail users that are not aware that their mail server is being used to relay spam.

Name / URL
List Name(s)
IP Address
Description, or
IP addresses of servers which have relayed special test messages to; this can happen if the server is an open relay, an open proxy or has another vulnerability that allows anybody to deliver email to anywhere, through that server.
List of known and potential spam sources (open relays, open proxies, open form to mail HTTP gateways, dynamic IP pools, and direct spammers).
Open Relay Database (ORDB)
Includes IP-addresses of verified open SMTP relays.

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