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How to Permanently Unlock SWiSHmax

Important: Before starting the unlock process, please ensure that:
                   a) Your computer clock is set to the correct date and time.
                   b) You are connected to the internet.
                   c) You have your SWiSHmax password available.

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. Start your SWiSHmax application.  
  2. You will see the Unlock dialog box, also known as the startup banner. 
  3. Minimize the Unlock dialog box. (You will come back to it later.)
  4. Open the following page in a web browser. (This is the Password Registration page):
  5. Enter your password.
  6. Enter the detail and email information and click Register.
  7. You will now see the Swishzone Unlock Key Generator page. Make note of the Registered Email address.
  8. Now bring up the Unlock dialog box, (your SWiSHmax application), that you minimized earlier.
    Click on the Unlock Button.
  9. You should see the Swishzone Unlock Key Generator page in your web browser window, with the Site Code entered.
    Enter the email address you registered  into the Registered Email field.
    Note:  Be sure to enter the same email address that you previously registered.
    Also, make sure that the Site Code on this page contains the Site Code from your software's Unlock dialog box.
    Click Go.
  10. You will then see a confirmation page, telling you that an email containing the unlock key was sent to your email address.
  11. Open the email, (it will be from,  and follow the instructions.  It will guide you through the process of copying  and pasting your unlock key from the email into your application.
  12.  After successful completion, you will see a  Congratulations banner.  Click OK  and you are finished!

Note: You can install SWiSHmax on 2 computers,  such as  your laptop and desktop or office and home computers. Use the same password to unlock the software on both computers, but use a different valid email address for each computer.

How to Find Your Password:

Your Password is sent to you by email after you purchase SWiSHmax.  The subject of the email is: "CrystalGraphics Download Instructions",  and the email comes from .

In addition to your password, the email contains some brief instructions on how to activate SWiSHmax.

Here is what it you should be looking for in the email:


Your SWiSHmax software must be activated after it is installed.
You will use the password(s) below in the activation process.

PASSWORD: your personal password    <---  Find your PASSWORD here.

Here are the basic steps to activate your software:
1. Install the software.
2. Run the software.
3. Open this email and click on the this link:
4. Follow the page by page instructions to register and unlock the software.  

If your question is not addressed here, please see the contact inforamtion for our Technical Support departement. Thank you.

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