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PowerPlugs: Stationery

Online Help

Getting Started > Selecting Stationery > Creating a New Message > Additional Resources

 Getting Started

PowerPlugs: Stationery offers easy access to dozens of great-looking stationery designs for Microsoft Outlook. Once you download and install PowerPlugs: Stationery, any of the following actions will display the PowerPlugs: Stationery dialog box:

  • Click the New button in Microsoft Outlook's Standard toolbar
  • Click the Stationery... button in Microsoft Outlook's Standard toolbar
  • From the New button's pull-down menu, select Mail Message
  • From the File menu, select New > Mail Message
  • From the Tools menu, select Stationery...
  • From the Actions menu, select New Mail Message
  • Press the hot-key combination Ctrl+N

 Selecting Stationery

The PowerPlugs: Stationery dialog box helps you quickly select the perfect look for any new message:

PowerPlugs: Stationery dialog box


The left side of the dialog box allows you to select from different Volumes and categories of stationery (such as Outdoors, Abstract, Paper, and Sports). Selecting a category will display thumbnail images of the corresponding designs to the right.
My Favorites contains your 9 most recent stationery styles.
Microsoft & Other contains Microsoft Outlook's built-in stationery styles along with all stationery other than PowerPlugs: Stationery.

Stationery Styles
The right side of the dialog box shows small previews of the stationery styles that belong to the category selected at left. To select one, either double-click it or click it once and then click Apply.
With a stationery style selected at left, click this button to open a new message window using the selected stationery.
Click this button to close the PowerPlugs: Stationery dialog box without creating a new message.
This button will activate PowerPlugs: Stationery Designer, another new Outlook plug-in due to be released soon. Read more here...
This button will activate PowerPlugs: Stationery Designer, another new Outlook plug-in due to be released soon. Read more here...
This button allows you to permanently delete the selected stationery or category. Use this button carefully; it can't be undone .
This button provides useful links to PowerPlugs: Stationery online resources, along with copyright information and software version.
Show Large Preview
When a stationery style is selected in the Stationery Styles pane, click this button to display an actual-size sample of the stationery.
Get More Stationery...
This button brings you to the PowerPlugs: Stationery home page, where you can learn about additional stationery volumes.
Show this dialog box for each new email. You can uncheck this option if you don't want to change the stationery frequently. When this option is unchecked, the PowerPlugs: Stationery dialog box will not appear when you create a new mail message. Instead your most recent stationery selection is automatically used for each subsequent new message. To turn this option back on after it has been unchecked, you can either click the Stationery... button on the Standard toolbar or select Stationery... from the Tools menu.

 Creating a New Message

Once you select a stationery and click Apply, Outlook opens a new message window. The text size, font, and color of the message body are formatted to coordinate with the graphics; simply start typing where it says "<Your message here>". When you're finished, click Send — that's really all there is to it!

PowerPlugs: Stationery is supported by nearly all of today's most popular email programs. To see if your message recipients will be able to view your stationery, please see our compatibility list.

PowerPlugs: Stationery - creating a new message in Outlook

 Additional Resources
PowerPlugs: Stationery users have unlimited access to this Online Help page and our Technical Support FAQ which lists the typical technical support problems that users encounter. If you have read through the questions and your issue was not addressed, please notify Technical Support.

PowerPlugs: Stationery home page