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PowerPlugs: Stationery
Download Page (for software version 3.0)
Download Instructions
1. Before you download we recommend that you:
a. Create a temporary download folder, such as C:/Download/PowerPlugs.
b. Close all other applications
2. To download:
a. Click on the appropriate download link below to download your free copy of:

PowerPlugs: Stationery
Free trial version for Microsoft Outlook
PowerPlugs: Stationery
Free trial version for Outlook Express

b. Save the download file to your temporary download folder mentioned above. That makes it easy to find     afterwards.
3. If you have a problem downloading and need help, click here for quick troubleshooting instructions.
Installation Instructions
1. Locate the software. Once the software has finished downloading, find the installation file you just downloaded by     going to your download folder using Windows Explorer. The installation file will be called "PowerPlugs-Stationery-
    Trial-Outlook.exe" or "PowerPlugs-Stationery-trial-OutlookExpress.exe" depending on which version you chose.
2. Install the software. Double click the installation file in order to install your new software into Outlook or Outlook     Express and your new stationery into the proper folder on the hard drive.
3. Follow the instructions provided by the standard Install Shield installation software to complete your installation.
4. If you have a problem installing and need help, click here for quick troubleshooting instructions.
Basic Usage Instructions
1. Start up your host application (in this case Outlook or Outlook Express). If properly installed, the PowerPlugs:     Stationery dialog box should automatically appear inside Outlook or Outlook Express whenever you create a new email.     If it does not, click here for help.
2. Select your preferences. If you have a favorite design you wish to use for every new message, you can temporarily     deactivate the PowerPlugs: Stationery dialog box so that it doesn't appear automatically. Simply uncheck the option     "Show this dialog box for each new email" and click Apply. Later, you can re-activate the PowerPlugs: Stationery dialog     box by selecting Tools > Stationery... and checking the box you had previously unchecked.
3. For further help, refer to the Help button in the software, or check under the Start Button > Programs > PowerPlugs, or     click here.
System Requirements
• Microsoft Windows XP - Windows 8 (32 or 64 bit)
• English version of Microsoft Outlook 2003 2013 (32 bit) -or- Outlook Express 5.5 or 6.0
• Pentium compatible processor
• 32 MB RAM
• Minimum Free Disk Space: 5MB
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