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PowerPlugs: Emoticons for Outlook
Online Help

Getting Started > Selecting Emoticons > Hot key settings > Additional Resources

 Getting Started

PowerPlugs: Emoticons offers easy access to impressive emoticons designs for Microsoft Outlook. Once you download and install PowerPlugs: Emoticons, any of the following actions will display the PowerPlugs: Emoticons dialog box:

Click the New button in Microsoft Outlook's Standard toolbar

•  From the New button's pull-down menu, select Mail Message
•  From the File menu, select New > Mail Message
•  From the Actions menu, select New Mail Message
•  Press the hot-key combination Ctrl+N

 Selecting Emoticons

The PowerPlugs: Emoticons dialog box helps you quickly select the perfect emotions for any new message:

1. Emoticons categories

Simply select one of the four categories of Emoticons such as Standard, Animated 2-D, Animated-3D and Gem-Like). Selecting a category will display thumbnail images of the corresponding emoticons designs to the right.

2. Emoticons styles
To the right side of the Emoticons categories dialog box shows small previews of the Emoticons styles that belong to the category selected at the left. To select one, simply click on the emoticon. This will automatically insert the emoticon into the text of your email message.
3. Color options
Emoticons come in a variety of brilliant colors. Chose the one that best express your feeling at the time or simply be very stylist by matching your emotions with your stationery design.
4. Size options
Emotions available in 3 sizes. Small, medium and large.
 Hot Key Settings

You'll be glad to know that every emoticons has a standard hot key or keyboard shortcut associated with it. You can set your own or simply use the default setting.

How to change Hot Key settings
1) Open Hot Key Settings dialog box

2) Select the emoticon that you want to change hot key settings and highlight the associated characters for that specific emoticon.
3) Type in the characters you want to use for that particular emoticons.
4) Hit Apply when you finish with the process.

How to Reset Hot Key to default setting
1) Open Hot Key Settings dialog box
2) Hit the Reset button. This will automatically restore all default settings.
 Additional Resources
PowerPlugs: Emoticons users have unlimited access to this Online Help page and our Technical Support FAQ which lists the typical technical support problems that users encounter. If you have read through the questions and your issue was not addressed, please notify Technical Support.
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