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Work smarter with intelligent templates for Microsoft® Excel®!
PowerPlugs: CEO Solutions for Excel®

PowerPlugs: CEO Solutions for Excel is a complete line of professional templates aimed to assist Chief Executive Officers with all the important tasks of running a successful company. There are tools that facilitate accurate risk-management analysis, business forecasting and company sales projections, as well as tools that can help schedule employees efficiently.

PowerPlugs: CEO Solutions for Excel is completely button and menu driven. It will save you time, effort and money by helping you prepare full financial plans in a fraction of the time it would normally take without the use of this tool. This product is a "must-have" for serious business planning.

Features at a Glance
Work smarter with PowerPlugs for Excel!
Includes eleven intelligent Excel templates!
Generates complete and accurate financial projections in minutes!
Streamlines the time it takes to prepare full financial plans!
Incredibly easy to use!
Developed by a CPA and enhanced by a team of Harvard MBAs!
Plugs into Microsoft® Excel® 2003 - 2010!
Complete list of forms included in PowerPlgus: CEO Solutions for Excel

Business Forecaster Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly.
Business Forecaster easily does what all successful businesses do -- it prepares financial forecasts for twelve monthly periods, four quarterly periods, or five annual periods with supporting schedules and graphs to satisfy any inquiring reader. It's the ideal financial forecasting program for all businesses large and small no matter what product or service they provide. It includes over 60 detailed schedules. It is equally useful for existing companies that need to forecast their future financial needs and start-up companies seeking capital from banks or venture capital organizations.

Business TroubleShooter
Avoid common business problems. Whether the company is yours or one you want to invest in, you need to know how well it is doing. Business Troubleshooter focuses on five key areas of operating and financial risk - so that you can control them before they become problems. The five key areas are Working Capital, Retained Earnings, Earnings before interest and taxes, Market Value of Equity and Sales.

Company Sales Projections
The Sales Projection Form is a valuable tool that helps you forecast product sales via existing and new customers and planned versus actual figures.

Employee Scheduler
Create and print out weekly employee schedules by day, week, or employee, quickly and without fuss. You can also create schedules based on your predicted business, using the analysis power of this spreadsheet. Plus, this versatile scheduler can automatically record actual vs. scheduled hours.

Executive Calendar
The Executive Calendar is designed to help executives manage their schedules in a effective manner. Programmed as a self-updating calendar, this template lists daily and weekly tasks to help organize your schedule.

Expense Budget
Expense Budget helps you plan for all your expenses. Analyze your components of your budget based on actuals and estimated expenses.

Health Insurance Analysis
The Health Insurance Analysis helps you to get a more detailed comparison of health care plans.

Progress Card
The Progress Report helps report your project milestones and accomplishments.

Project Cost Summary
The Project Cost Summary records projectedt costs and compares them to actuals.

System Requirements
Microsoft® Windows® 2000 - Windows 7
Microsoft Excel®
2003 - 2010
2 MB available disk space

Technical Support Information
If you have questions about PowerPlugs for Excel, we have answers on our Online Help page.

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Work smarter with intelligent templates for Excel!
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PowerPlugs: Solutions Combo for Excel includes all 5 PowerPlugs for Excel titles. Each title is specially designed to help its targeted managers and the people who work for them achieve their objectives quicker and with less effort. They also include powerful analytical tools to aid you in making business decisions. Get it all for just $399! (a $595 value) You save 33% when you order the entire collection of PowerPlugs: Solutions Combo for Excel.

PowerPlugs: CEO Solutions for Excel A complete line of professional templates aimed to assist the CEOs in all kinds of tasks, ranging from effective risk-management and business forecasting to efficient scheduling of employees.


PowerPlugs: CFO Solutions for Excel— These smart forms and templates are designed to aid CFO's in all major aspects of  their job from evaluating business ratios to making the right capital investment decision.

3 PowerPlugs: HR Managers Solutions for Excel— Organize your workforce the easy way with a collection of useful templates and forms for Human Resource Managers.
4 PowerPlugs: Office Manager Solutions for ExcelA collection of professional office business forms and spreadsheets.

PowerPlugs: Sales and Marketing Manager Solutions for Excel — Track your advertising campaigns. Identify trends. Project revenues and generate accurate forecasts. Develop a successful bonus plan that offers rewards for good performance.

Best deal!
PowerPlugs: Solutions Combo for Excel
only $399! (a $595 value)
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